Monday, November 23, 2015


I wrote a note to him very similar last night. (Eh, whatever. I wrote a TEXT, because really, isn't that the only way to communicate these days?!) After I sent it, I wanted to "save" it, to remember this day, these feelings and this pride. And so, here it is- wIth some tweaks for privacy. 
Being an aunt is so much like being a mom, but yet, so different, too. I love each one of my 5 nieces and nephews for being their very unique, silly, happy, respectful, talented selves. 
To my nephew on his almost birthday, 

So.. It's the eve of your 16th birthday. Really?! Seriously?! Nope. I'm not THAT old! Right?! 
You were my first nephew, the first time I ever thought- "hey, I guess kids aren't so bad" (before you I'd vowed id never marry or have kids 😉) but you, C, you made me see life a lot differently. Your intuitiveness, your intelligence, your compassion and determination has astounded me from a young age and it continues to with each chapter you begin. 
I know I was a lot better aunt before I was a mom, but even though I can't just jump in the car and take you trick or treating, see your school program, make it to your bowling birthday party, or bake cookies with you, (man, I missed a lot of class to trek from Lawrence just to see you!) it doesn't mean I love you any less than I always have. 
I'm so very proud of you. For the man you have become and the amazing adult I know you will be. You make me proud to be your Keeks. 
And yes, you tower over me, but I will forever be your Aunt KeeKee. 

Happy 16th! I can't wait to see what this year brings! 
I love you, 
Aunt KeeKee, Keeks, Keekers

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